Shot Blasting Industrial Concrete Floor Resurfacing

Shot blasting, also referred to as abrasive blast cleaning or blast tracking, is an effective method for removing existing floor coatings in industrial plants, commercial concrete floors, steel decks or parking garages. Shot blasting uses a very small round metal particles that are directed to the surface of the concrete in order to loosen the bond between the concrete and the existing floor coating. Any concrete particles are vacuumed and collected.
Shot blasting is one of the cleanest and fastest methods of mechanical abrasion. Shot blasting can be used for floors in sensitive areas that are otherwise “off limits” to other methods. Food preparation or manufacturing areas, clean rooms, working around sensitive inventory or machinery, or simply areas where chemical-free, dustless methods are required, are all candidates for Shot Blasting.


The Scarifying process is used to remove contaminants, coatings, adhesives, and paint. It is also very useful for preparing problem areas on concrete slabs: burned areas, high spots, curled joints, excessive trowel marks, trip hazards, etc.