Concrete Polishing Contractors Maryland

Concrete Polishing Maryland

Concrete Polishing Maryland

Many businesses in Maryland. The area has turned to DC Polished Concrete, in the last 25 years to allow us to give them a low maintenance, cost-effective flooring alternative to the more expensive, high maintenance options. In recent years, polished concrete floors have become as popular in commercial properties as they have been in homes around Maryland

 A large office or business space can be a headache if the wrong type of floor is chosen. Business owners and managers don’t want the hassle of working around cleaning schedules and high overhead costs due to the expense of having the floors cleaned. Polished concrete floors remove those headaches for businesses.

A polished concrete floor is a Low maintenance. This especially comes in handy if space is large, such as in a warehouse. Polished concrete does not require annual sealing. All the maintenance that needs to be performed on a polished concrete floor is mopping with warm, soapy water. Durable enough to handle high traffic over a period of many years. Energy efficient. A polished concrete floor will reflect up to 30 percent more light, so less light will be required to illuminate the space. Less energy will be required to heat the space, thus reducing overhead costs. Safe. Our floors are guaranteed to be slip resistant, which will prevent any work-related injuries. A polished concrete floor can be just as attractive in a commercial space as it can in a home, which is another reason why more and more businesses are turning to polished concrete as an option for their floors.

Polished Concrete Contractors Maryland

DC Polished Concrete can polish your concrete and make it gleam. We love to hear people say, “Wait – that’s concrete???” Plus, during concrete polishing, we also protect your concrete in two ways. The first way is by using a densifier is during the grinding phase. This densifier hardens your concrete over time and makes it easier to maintain. The second way is by applying an impregnator at the end of the concrete polishing process. The impregnator is to concrete what Scotchguard is to carpet. It prevents chemicals, oils, and other moisture from absorbing into your concrete.

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